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Katherine Chandler
Drone Flight and Failure

First Flight, 1941 from Katherine Chandler on Vimeo. “Drone Flight and Failure: the United States’ Secret Trials, Experiments and Operations in Unmanning, 1936-1973,” uses science and technology studies, new media and political theory to investigate the so-called unmanning of combat aircraft by the United States. I study top-secret drone experiments and missions during World War […]

History and Theory of New Media Lecture Series

Katherine Chandler responded to the History & Theory of New Media Lectures 2013-2014, held by the Berkeley Center for New Media.  WORLDLY MATTERS A Response to Eyal Weizman’s “Forensic Architecture” Eyal Weizman’s most recent work, a series of collaborative projects brought together as forensic architecture, asks publics to examine scenes of death through a range […]

System Failures

Screenshot from Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Article originally published in the New Inquiry. On April 9, 2009, fourteen peace activists were arrested for trespassing onto Creech Air Force Base (AFB) in Indian Springs, Nevada. Following a week-long vigil critical of drones flown around the world from control trailers on the base, guards stopped the protesters when they […]

Unarchive of the Unmanned
Unarchive of the Unmanned

Working with classified and formerly classified materials led me to several concurrent projects in the visual arts, which further explore how secrecy operates through drones and with what consequences. I ask how do drone technologies, and the humans who produce and operate them, map onto domestic and international spaces?  My artwork creates an “unarchive of […]

Arbona’s Drone Report
Arbona's Drone Report

Presented with Javier Arbona and Nick Sowers at Artist Television Access in San Francisco, March 19, 2011, eight years after the second invasion of Iraq.  A live video, slide and sound performance that addressed the military, industrial, economic and human implications of drone warfare through a degenerating corporate presentation.  Part of collaborations with #DEMILIT.

Drone Crash
Drone Crash

With collaborators Ricardo Dominguez, Ian Paul and Trish Stone, I participated in a performance, installation and public discussion of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles based on a staged drone crash at the University of California, San Diego campus on December 6, 2012.  You can read local news reports about the crash on NBC 7 San Diego.